2012 Volkswagen NMS Spy-Shots

2012 NMS VW (1)

Volkswagen have been keeping their lips tight about what they call the New Midsize Sedan project, but it seems the Internet does it again. We know have a few shots of the new Volkwagen four-door sedan, and it seems quite advanced in the making.

High chances are that this is going to be the 2012 NMS, and one first notice it’s easy to see how it takes from the  Volkswagen Jetta:  the German carmaker’s revised corporate face up front and the same hexagonal license plate inset on the trunk deck, the similarities are almost overwhelming.

On the other hand, the model depicted her seems a low-level trim. Either, the more unhappy case, the new midsized NMS sedan is going to be really common-level and pedestrian. Which would bring bad karma upon you VW, after the long golden years the Passat has seen in the U.S. and world-wide. We also have reserved opinions when it comes to German four-doors with mild looks… let’s hope that when the car is launched, be it the Volkswagen NMS 2012 or another model some different moniker, premium packages will offer more aggressive looking options for buyers who know their money’s worth.

Thanks go out to JokeForBlog for these few but precious spy images of what is likely to be the 2012 Volkswagen NMS.

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