New Toyota FT-86 Concept To Debut At Geneva Motor Show 2011

New Toyota FT-86 Concept

A new version of the Toyota FT-86 concept will be unveiled at Geneva Motor Show 2011. The Japanese have released a teaser photo of the new model.

Toyota is set to unveil a new version of the FT-86 concept at Geneva Motor Show. No official details of the Toyota FT-86 have been revealed yet, but what we know for sure that it’s still a concept. The Japanese said they will launch this model in 2011, but it’s production version is rumored to debut at Tokyo Motor Show 2011, in November. The car that will be displayed at Geneva is a version close to the production version of the Toyota rear-wheel drive coupe.

New Toyota FT-86 Concept

In terms of design, the model will be a lot more realistic, with shapes extremely close to the production version. The first teaser of the new Toyota FT-86 Concept has a lot more clear and realistic shapes, and the looks of the model seems to have been grown up, but who stole the Toyota logo from the front grille?

The debut of Toyota FT-86 was delayed several times. The model features a four-cylinder boxer engine and rear wheel drive. As a result of the Toyobaru partnership, Subaru also developed their own version of the model, but the launch date is yet unknown. While Toyota wants to sell this model to older customers that can afford a premium product, Subaru wants their FT-86 to be a performance model and even offer a version featuring their famous four wheel drive system.

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