Official: Skype Buys Qik



The first time I’d heard about Qik was when I bought a Nokia N900. Services on the N900 were limited, however, Qik was there, albeit I didn’t use it too many times. Anyway just a couple of years later, Qik has been bought by Skype.

Seven days ago Skype announced that it wants to buy one of its few competitors, Qik, and now the biggest VoIP company in the world has announced that the merger has been finalized. Skype’s Neil Stevens posted a blog entry which says that he’s very happy to announce the Skype has completed the acquisition of Qik.

So what if the the deal won’t be approved? Isn’t this antitrust? Well, maybe it isn’t considering the fact that Qik cannot be compared to Skype when it comes to the amount of users.

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