Paris Auto Show 2010 Preview: The Most Interesting Cars To Come At Paris

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Paris Auto Show 2010 will mark the beginning of no more than 30 models.  We present you the most important and exciting list of this auto show premieres, concepts or series models. This year’s edition will be marked by the presentation of a large number of electric and hybrid vehicles, but the vehicles powered solely based on non-renewable energy sources are still present in the stands of automakers.


Hated by many, loved by few but respected by all. This would be the phrase that best characterizes the BMW X3. With the arrival of the second generation, the X5’s little brother has grown larger than the first generation of SUVs from BMW and preserves a unique design, that is not appreciated by most of the public. There are big chances that people who bought the first generation of X3 to be interested by this model.

BMW 6 Series Concept

BMW brings the concept that foreshadows the future of 6 Series Coupe at Paris. The model is clearly based on the F10 5 Series and presents an attractive design, which should make headlines in its class. As in the case of the 5 Series, the 6 Series Coupe appearance combine the elegance with sporty and form one of the most beautiful models in the segment. We waiting the series version.

Chevrolet Aveo

Chevrolet enters on the small segment with an Aveo, strong inspired by Aveo RS concept that debuted at Detroit. While the announced performance is not up to high expectations with the RS concept, the new model design and its characteristics should be a small storm in the B segment, where the fighting is already “bloody”.

Citroen C4

The new design language of the guys from Citroen has left the imprint on C4. The French model of the compact class has changed, and his brother DS4 will accompany at the debut at Paris Auto Show. The new design looks nice, the model received more masculine traits, which gives it an extra character.

Ford Focus ST Concept

The death of the current generation of Focus ST is related to non-compliance with Euro 5 rules, but also by the imminent launch of the new generation of Focus. According to first information, the model develops 250 HP and is equipped with a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine with four-cylinder. The Ford officials announced that the model can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 6.8 seconds, so the future looks bright.

Opel GTC Concept

The Opel Astra J debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show last year has led the Opel fans to breathlessly await the coupe version of that model. We remind you that the copy of the picture and the one that will debut at Paris are just concepts, but we expect that the series model to be extremely close to this concept in terms of design.

Peugeot 508

Has finally arrived – say the Peugeot fans, who expected a replacement for 407. The guys from PSA did an experiment with the 508 model, forcing this model to replace both 407 and 607. Both the sedan version and the SW version of 508 will debut at Paris, the hybrid model leaving expected later.

Renault DeZir

This is a new concept of the French from Renault and shows the sporty side of the electric vehicles sporting side. Although there is no information regarding the chances of production of this concept, we hope that certain design features will be introduced in the series models of the French automaker. DeZir is the first project of Laurens van den Acker at Renault, and the first impression is very nice.

Mercedes-Benz CLS

The second generation of CLS begins not as quiet as the first. While the first CLS has created a new segment, the second generation will debut before the public with the new Audi A7 and already has a rival from Porsche. The guys from BMW are expected to launch a competitor, but the guys from Mercedes are confident on CLS.

Volkswagen Passat

New generation of Volkswagen Passat will debut at this edition of Paris Auto Show. The Germans have not yet presented any image with the model, increasing the suspense concerning aspects of their mid-range model. The chances are that the new Passat receives “a face” similar to that present on other Volkswagen models.

These are the most ten cars expected to debut at Paris Auto Show 2010.

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