New Experiment From Hennessey: Nissan GTR650

Hennessey Nissan GTR650 - front

No American muscle car was hurt during the experiment made by the Texans of Hennessey, but it seems that a Japanese supercar was not so lucky. The only clue available at the moment is “Godzilla.”

If you can’t figure out what are we talking about, then you need a complete decryption, as the latest victim of the Americans of Hennessey is hid under the already-impressive Nissan GT-R, the Japanese supercar. Moreover, Japanese supercar does not offer any detail about what it hides under the hood (that’s if you don’t choose the Hennessey logos), ready to provide a list full of surprises ready to make your jaw hit the ground.

A simple look to the engine compartment and you will find the answer to all of your questions immediately: the tuner from Texas has arrived with new fuel injectors, an improved intercooler, a whole new exhaust system and a tweaked ECU, all the changes now bringing 662 HP and 638 lb-ft of torque.

Hennessey Nissan GTR650 - front

Unfortunately, the guys of Hennessey are keeping the specs of their Nissan GTR650 well hidden, the American company announcing instead a list of options including a transmission upgrade, KW Variand 3 coilover suspensions, carbon fiber elements for the exterior, new rims, and the list may continue.

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