The Future Mazda RX-7 Will Be Called RX-9

The Future Mazda RX-7 Will Be Called RX-9

Mazda is currently working on a coupe, called RX-9, which will take the chassis of the future RX-5 and the rotary engine RENESIS 16X, willing to offer more than 300 HP.

Mazda is currently working to a new sporty model, positioned above the popular MX-5.From the first information it seems that the Japanese develop a descendant of the old RX-7, removed from production in 2002.

The coupe, which will take place of RX-8, will be developed on a modified chassis of the future MX-5, which will allow it to weigh about 2756 pounds, rather than for a car that could have over 300 HP.

Under the hood will be the new generation rotary engine 16X RENESIS, which the Mazda engineers are currently working. The unit will be aided by a super charge system, able to improve the resources and the performance.

Currently Mazda weigh two propulsion solutions for the future coupe, which will probably be called RX9. It is about a conventional configuration, on gasoline and a hydrogen one, which would not have to worry about emission rules.

Whichever the chosen solution, Mazda does not plan to abandon the rotating configuration, which brought him the victory at Le Mans in 1991. We waiting to see the real name of the future Mazda coupe.

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