Japanese Tsunami Sweeps Away 2,300 Nissan And Infiniti Units

Japanese Tsunami sweeps away Nissan cars

Nissan estimates that about 1,300 Infiniti M, FX, and EX units have been destroyed by the Japanese tsunami waves. Other 1,000 Nissan units, among them 370Z model, add to the number of vehicles swept away by tsunami.

The Japanese continue to count the losses caused by the Japanese earthquake and tsunami waves produced at the end of the last week. In the same situation are the automakers that owned production lines and dealerships in that area.

Nissan Group published today a press release announcing that the Japanese tsunami damaged at least 2,300 cars, waiting on the Pacific coast to be loaded and transported to USA. From the 2,300 cars damaged, it seems that 1,300 are M, EX and FX units of the Nissan premium division, Infiniti, for the US market. The Japanese vehicles were in a parking lot next to the loading point when the tsunami wave hit.

Japanese Tsunami sweeps away Nissan cars

Nissan cars swept away by the Japanese tsunami wave

In the same Nissan press release it is said that among the cars damaged by the Japanese tsunami were some Nissan 370Z units, as well. Pictures show a pile of Nissan and Inifiniti cars, many of them ending in flames. The cars damaged in Hitachi harbor were built at the Japanese plant in Tochigi, close to the area affected by the tsunami waves.

In Miyagi area, hit by tsunami too, other 1,000 cars built for the local dealerships were damaged by the destroying wave.

The Japanese earthquake produced on Friday, 90 miles away from the Japanese coast, seriously affected the activity of the Japanese brands. Four Japanese automakers seen their production affected by the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

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