HP Files For 3 New WebOS Tablets: TouchSlate, TouchCanvas, And Duopad

HP WebOS Tablets

HP is being busy these days with WebOS developing and it seems like the company is focusing more on tablets rather than smartphones. After filing for the HP Touchpad name, the company is looking to trademark other names like HP Touchslate, HP Touchcanvas, and HP Duopad.

These three names are definitely tablets names and it’s certain that they’re going to be WebOS tablets. Nobody can guarantee that all four HP WebOS (including the Touchpad) tablets will be released at the February 9th event.

HP WebOS Tablets

So we have four WebOS tablets so far? Well, if the HP Palm Topaz and the HP Palm Opal are not internal codenames, then I’d say that HP will reveal six WebOS slates in the coming weeks. There are no other details regarding these slates, we don’t expect to hear much more before the HP WebOS event.

Check out the USPTO trademark filings links here, here, and here, and if you have some pics of either one of the Touchslate, Touchcanvas, and Duopad, then it would be nice if you’d decided to share them with us.

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