Gran Turismo 5 ( GT5 ) Officially Launched! See Details!

Gran Turismo 5 01

The most anticipated racing simulator in history, Gran Turismo 5, is now available in stores. From now on you can virtually test 1,031 cars on 71 different tracks.

After a two and a half years waiting and numerous successive delays, the most anticipated racing simulator – Gran Tursimo 5 – hits today the shelves of the stores. The game was launched in the same time on all the globe’s markets. Starting today, anyone owning a PlayStation4 and if he’s a fan of the genre can tense muscles his muscles on the 71 different tracks testing over 1,000 different cars offered by Polyphony Digital şi Sony.

Among the notable novelties the fifth episode of the Gran Turismo franchise brings are the WRC, NASCAR and Super GT Licenses, the karting mode, the realistic damage simulation both aesthetic and technical, the extreme weather conditions (storms and snow), the possibility of viewing the 3D effects on screens that allow that, premium visual effects, like brake marks, dust and the grass flying-off and not last the possibility of building unique circuits. Another premiere is the apparition of Lamborghini and Bugatti models, which were not available in the last four episodes of the series.

The GT5 Cars

The 1,031 cars featured in the game are the most complex database of models in the history of racing simulators. Besides the newest apparitions in the automotive industry of the last two years, GT5 comes with classic models and concepts that you can only drive here. Among them are Citroen GT Concept, Jaguar XJ13 or the Red Bull X1 concept, developed by Red Bull exclusively for this game. In Gran Turismo 5 you can also test a Fiat 500 F from the 60’s, Lexus LF-A, Mercedes SLS AMG, Honda Insight, Toyota Prius, Tesla Roadster or the legendary Lancia Delta Integrale. The LeMans prototypes or the WRC cars are not missing either.

The cars in the game are split in two categories: Premium and Standard. The difference is that for the standard cars the damages are the classic ones. For the premium cars, the gamer can use the headlights like of a real car, also differing by the complexity of the interior and damage details. The percentage of premium cars available is of 20%.

See the complete car list available for GT5 here.

The GT5 Tracks

From the 51 tracks available in GT4, Polyphony now has 71 in GT5. Here are included the classics  Nurburgring, Circuit de la Sarthe, Tsukuba, Laguna Seca, Monza, Daytona, Indianapolis or Suzuka, but also unique tracks in Rome or Madrid, of course virtual ones. There are also visionary tracks like Trial Mountain or Deep Forest Raceway, and the user can add or remove a few things, as the new GT5 allows it.

See the complete tracks list available for GT5 here.

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