Alfa Romeo Pandion Concept by Stile Bertone – The One To Influence The Future 159

Here is Alfa Romeo Pandion, a brand new study tagged Bertone, which is a part of the “Holy Trinity” of the concepts presented at Geneva with the occasion of Alfa’s centenary.

The three major Italian design houses, Pininfarina, Bertone and Giugiaro, pay a tribute to Alfa Romeo competing in concepts dedicated to brand that is turning 100. This is the suggestion from Bertone, who, using Alfa Romeo 8C’s plat, have created a sports coupe with 2 +2 seats – including those among two parma rather configured for pygmy.

In terms of design many will say that this concept looks too much like the one recently launched by BMW. But the prototype includes specific Alfa elements, especially the front with that “eagle look” specific to Alfa 159 and seen from above looks as if bearing the Jason Castriota’s stamp, the former chief designer at Bertone, so it can not be explicitly accused of plagiarism. Instead there is a discrepancy between the very well-defined front and back that seems unfinished. Probably, live will be more dramatic than shown in 2D.

The name of Pandion comes from a rare species of birds. The concept is equipped with Alfa Romeo Competizione’s 4.7-liter V8 engine that delivers 450 HP. The Pandion project is the first created under the leadership of Mike Robinson and is the first model presented by Bertone, who came back on the market after a difficult financial period and a tumultuous juridical battle.

Bertone Pandion has a length of 181,2 inches, a width of 77.6 inches and height of this concept is 48.4 inches, while the wheelbase is 112.2 inches. The most interesting feature of this concept is the the doors opening system, similar to those present on Alfa Romeo Carabo, Lancia Stratos 0, Lamborghini Countach and even Fiat Barchetta. Unlike the models mentioned above, the doors of the Pandion concept are opening in the opposite direction and end in a vertical position.

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