World’s Biggest Exotic Cars Collector Sells Some Of His Beauties

Sultan of Brunei Car Collection - Ferrari Enzo

The Sultan of Brunei is selling a part of his exotic cars collection. The Sultan owns over 2,000 cars, but he’ll sell about 30 vehicles.

A private collector sells 29 exotic cars that were drove only for delivery and it is rumored that they belong to the Sultan of Brunei. The collection includes 25 Ferrari models, three Lamborghini units and a Cizeta. All the vehicles are in New Zeeland, but the name of the buyer will not be unveiled because of security reasons. New Zeeland was chosen because there a seller stay anonymous until the sale without any kind of problem, because we’are speaking about a special collectors market, where they don’t want to talk about they way they earned the money.

This summer, the Sultan of Brunei sold the one and only right hand drive Ferrari F50. The model was custom built and was sold for a very good price. It’s said that the Sultan’s brother is responsible for selling the vehicles, but the exact reason remains unclear. On the other hand, the Sultan of Brunei’s brother has debts of over 40 billion dollars after some inappropriate decisions which lead to enormous loss while he was Brunei Minister of Finance.

Sultan of Brunei Car Collection - Ferrari Enzo

The Sultan of Brunei collection includes over 2,000 units, and rumor has it that the vehicles that were sold will be replaced by Bugatti and Aston Martin models. According to Jalopnik, the Sultan already bought seven Aston Martin One-77 and several Bugatti units. The other new-comers of the collection are yet unknown.

Via: Jalopnik

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