Citroen Metropoilis Concept Will Give Rise To New DS9

Citroen Metropoilis Concept Will Give Rise To New DS9

The Citroen DS range will receive a new member in the coming years, which will fight with luxury models of the premium German automakers. The model will be called DS9 and will be destinate for the Chinese market.

The Citroen Metropolis concept prefigures a new premium model of French automaker. The model will be call Citroen DS9 and will be the top of DS range. The sedan will be mainly destinate for the Chinese market and will be built by the Chinese partners from PSA Group, Changan Automobile Group China. Citroen DS9 will fight directly with the luxury models of the premium German automakers – Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Gregoire Olivier, the head of Citroen operations from Asia, has unveiled the company’s intentions for DS9 and Metropolis concept. If the production model will be an adapted version to series production of this concept, the market from China will have one of the most beautiful Citroen models in recent years. The aggressive elegance of this model remind us by BMW 5 Series F10, not by a Citroen model, while the narrow headlights, the prominent front grille and the figure of the model takes us to thinking about other French “crazy” concepts.

Citroen Metropolis is based on the same platform with C6 and Peugeot 508. The model has a length of 209 inches and a width of 79 inches, while its height is only 55 inches. While the width and length of the model commands respect in the luxury sedans class, the reduced height of this concept provides an extremely aggressive held. In the concept case, the hybrid propulsion is provided by a V6 engine of 272 HP and 277 lb-ft of torque, assisted by an electric motor can provide up to 95 HP. The Citroen officials said that the model sold in China could be offered exclusively as an internal combustion engine version.

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