New Bentley Continental GT Special Editions Are Coming

New Bentley Continental GT

Bentley will develop a version of the new Continental GT that will fight Porsche 911. Besides this more special editions of the new model of Crewe are planned.

The new generation of Bentley Continental GT will have more special editions than the last generation of the British model. The Crewe-located automaker wants to make this step forward in order to further grow their customers database and sell more Bentley Continental GT units. The final target is to divide the sales volume throughout the entire life of the model, in order to assure an smooth production, without ups and downs. This would allow Bentley to set an optimum schedule for their assembly lines and so they will not have to lay off their employees for then to hire them again.

New Bentley Continental GT

All the fluctuations in sales and productions will have to be as smooth as possible, for the Brits to get the result they expect. It looks like in the near future we’ll also have a Continental GT version that will fight the special versions of Porsche 911. The British brand’s decision is a little bit odd, as both brands are under the Volkswagen Auto Grup’s protective wing and competition within the family is something to avoid.

The new Bentley Continental GT will be more expensive that the current model and will have a new engine. The new engine will be a 4.0-liter direct injection V8, coming from Audi, which will be supercharged by two turbines. Both engine options will be powered by petrol, but it seems that the Bentley engineers are also preparing a flex-fuel version.

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