Paris Auto Show: Abarth Punto Evo, 180 HP And 270 Nm

Abarth Unveiled Punto Evo Esseesse And 500C Esseesse

Punto Abarth’s Evo version   develops 180 HP and comes in 7.5 seconds from 0-60  mph.  It will be launched at the Paris Salon with Abarth  500C.

Abarth, the sports division of the Fiat,  published today the first official pictures of the new Punto Evo and 500C Abarth along side with additional kits official called esseesse. As before, the esseesse kits can be installed by customers  of an Abarth Punto Evo Abarth 500C  by paying an additional amount that included spectacular technical changes  and aesthetic elements that contribute to the sporty image of the Italian models.

Abarth Unveiled Punto Evo Esseesse And 500C Esseesse

Abarth Unveiled Punto Evo Esseesse And 500C Esseesse

 Punto Abarth Evo esseesse.

After being released with fast in Italy and received at Geneva an Abarth version, the new Punto Evo  can be ordered by four-wheel sportiness enthusiasts  fans  with esseesse kit from this autumn in Europe.

In esseesse version, Abarth Punto Evo  gets 180HP and 270 Nm of torque at 3000 rpm.  Under these conditions, maximum speed  of the  Italian model increased to 134 mph and  0-60 acceleration  reached 7.5 seconds.

In terms of aesthetics, Abarth Punto Evo esseesse  stands out in particular due to Grey Campovolo paint,  by 18-inch alloy wheels with design and color  esseesse, inside the  future clients will have Abarth Corse seats  by Sabelt, black leather and a navigation system that can have a telemetry data recording system developed by Magneti Marelli.

Abarth  500C  esseesse.

Cabrio version of the Fiat 500 will be available from this autumn in a supersport version. Esseesse kit that can be added optionally over already released Abarth 500C  includes two special shades for  body (Campovolo Grey Grey and track) and the 17-inch wheels in anthracite color, a special diffuser for the exhaust who rise the sound of the engine  from above 4000 rpm Abarth Corse seats by Sabelt  and, as  his elder brother, telemetry system developed by Magnetti Marelli.

Abarth 500C esseesse  has  a 1.4-liter turbo engine that develops 160 HP and 230 Nm of torque. . Italian Sport Cabriolet maximum speed is 129 mph while acceleration from 0-60 mph is achieved in 7.6 seconds.

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