Meet Mavric, The Flying Car

i-tec Mavric, the flying car 4

News about flying vehicles aimed at the public have started to be somewhat regular these days. Yes, I know flying cars were supposed to be a daily sight by the 21st century, but hey don’t blame me I’m no mad scientist. I just keep you posted on the latest supercars, personal jets (lol?) and now […]

U.S. Safety Laws Could Make $5k Black Boxes Compulsory On All New Cars!

The United States Congress wants to make Event Data Recorders compulsory on all new cars, and also upgrade them. This would reflect in price of $4,000 to $5,000 for each of the “black boxes”, as usual people are used to call them An event data [...]

Mercedes-Benz Dealerships To Use Apple iPad For Better Customer Interaction

Mercedes-Benz has decided that 40 dealerships in US will use Apple iPad to communicate and interact with customers. Mercedes announced that the dealerships will receive Apple iPads in order to for communicate and interact with  their customers. The G [...]

Volkswagen Is The First Automaker With An Application For IPad

Volkswagen is the first automaker which launch an application for the newest Apple product, iPad. The application is free and allows users to take contact more easily with the models from VW range. Appointed marketing director for several months in the V [...]

SYNC AppLink – New Ford Fiesta 2011 Smartcar

We all know that is not a good idea to drive and play on your mobile phone in the same time. But now you can buy a 2011 Ford Fiesta and to do these two tasks simultaneously. The secret is called the SYNC AppLink. The first car that will implement the new system of Internet applications will […]

Acer Presents Its Latest Creation: Ferrari One Notebook

The oddly enough connection between laptops and supercars is getting stronger and stronger. Acer is the latest laptops manufacturer that entered this “game,” bringing on the market a new version of the One model, Ferrari One Notebook. The pric [...]

Nissan invents paint that repairs itself, for cars and phones

Ever thought how would it be if metal bodywork on your car, or mobile phone, or other rather expensive gadget could heal itself up, just like skin? I mean, if all the minor scratches on your body would just stay there, you would probably look like some pr [...]

Chinese invention: foldable solar screen inside rear wing

Usually, on most cars, I mean on sedans, family cars and other regular set of wheels, you won’t see a rear wing, unless it’s a tuned or customized car. Or a sports car. Why? Cause they increase drag, add weight on a point of the body that̵ [...]

Detroit auto show will host an electric cars section

During this year’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit a new feature (`bout time!) will be the electric cars section. The auto show is taking place a  Cobo Center in Detroit and opens to the press on Jan. 11th and to the public on January [...]

X-Prize reduces contestants for $ 10 million

The organizer of a $10 million contest to develop next-generation green vehicles said Monday it narrowed down its list of competitors by half, with qualifying teams ranging from Indian car giant Tata Motors to a team of Cornell University engineering students. The Progressive Automotive X Prize said it has trimmed its pool [...]

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