Girls From Essen Motor Show 2009, Or Sexy Essen Show (Video)

We all like auto shows, nice cars, powerful engines, new cars, car concepts, new versions of old cars, tuned cars, loud cars, expensive cars, cheap cars, all kind of cars. But what the auto shows would be without their sexy hostesses? Sexy, pretty and vo [...]

Top 10 Hot Hatches You Could Actually Buy In 2009

Buying a car is not the easiest thing in the world when you want your car to be close to perfection. Oh yes, people say that if the money aren’t a problem then things are getting easier, but if it is to ask me, things are getting more complicated when y [...]

World’s fastest cars: a 2009 top 10

Ranked by top speed only, this list of ear-splitting eyes-gushing mind-blowing bulletcars is sure to make many readers curious. And we don’t know for sure if curiosity did kill the cat, but we can bet our lunch money that these cars killed that chicken that crossed the street… So, with no more pointless ado, her [...]

Frankfurt Auto Show ladies – must see gallery of glamour hostess girls

Give it to Germany to make killer cars, killer music, but this old center Europe territory is not too bad when it comes to … women either. Well, each company brought its best looking assistants to the Frankfurt Auto Show, but local managers surely h [...]

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