Hello Kitty Smart Fortwo. No, seriously

Hello Kitty Smart Fortwo (6)

You probably think some rich blondes convention (presidented by Paris H, no doubt) came up with this model, a “Hello Kitty” custom-made Smart fortwo minicar. Well, guess again. This is an official launch from Smart themselves, actually the result of a three-joint venture with Smart, Penske Automotive and Sanrio. [...]

Nicolas Hayek, Smart Fortwo Inventor, Passed Away Aged 82

Nicolas Hayek 01

Nicolas Hayek, Swatch founder and Smart Fortwo inventor died of hear failure. He was 82 and was considered the savior of the watch industry in Switzerland. The inventor of Smar Fortwo and the founder of the Swatch empire passed away at age 82 of heart fai [...]

Efficient cars: a 2010 top 20 of fuel sparing personal commuters and SUVs

Fuel efficiency and low costs for the consumer, on a wider scale not just the plain actual price of the car itself, is the number one issue nowadays in the automotive word. Some would argue that it’s safety, an we don’t rush to disagree. Safet [...]

Parking Fail: Who Said A Smart Doesn’t Need A Lot Of Parking Space?

Yes, it’s true they are small and they can fit almost everywhere, but when the driver is an idiot you might have some problems parking this car. It happened into a¬†shopping¬†center’s parking lot. Forget about those smarts parked in a narrow s [...]

Smart ForTwo powered by Tesla Roadster’s Engine

Attendees at the release of Tesla Model S could also see a Tesla powered Smart ForTwo. There aren’t many details about a partnership between the two companies, but the Smart ForTwo would perfectly fit Tesla’s electric engines and we might see a series model. A rep from Tesla Motors Club tested the Tesla powered [...]

Smart ForTwo by Carbonyte – The Longest Smart

Ok, we don’t talk about a limo here, because this Smart is not used to transport VIPs, but it’s wanted to be an inedited purpose for the advertisers. The first brand we think about when we see this car is an energy drink brand, the car looking like a huge Red Bull dose. The creation […]