GENEVA 2011: Mercedes CLS Comes With Brabus Tuning Package

Brabus Mercedes CLS

Brabus prepared a full tuning package for the new generation Mercedes CLS. The kit includes both aesthetic and technical tweaks. The coupe sedan is individualized by its front bumper with revised air intakes, by the LED lights, wider fenders with vents, a [...]

Michael Schumacher And Nico Rosberg Unveil New Mercedes SLK

New Mercedes SLK - 09

Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg presented the new Mercedes SLK at the event that celebrated the 125th anniversary of the first car in the world. In the special event that celebrated the 125th anniversary of the first car in the world, Mercedes-Benz pr [...]

Peugeot RCZ Wins European Gay Car Of The Year 2011

Peugeot RCZ

According to the French site Ledorga, Gay Car of the Year 2011 in Europe was appointed the Peugeot RCZ model. The French have managed to attract many eyes with their Peugeot RCZ model, which has won many design awards. But only the gay community from Eur [...]

10 Interesting Cars That Will Debut In 2011

Lamborghini Jota

The 2011 year brings the launch of an impressive number of new models, while the economic forecasts are not exceptional. Whether they will sell it or not, the automakers will launch both new models and improved versions of previous models, provided in the current ranges. I make a selection with ten models th [...]

Gran Turismo 5 Giveaway’s Prize Is A Mercedes SLS AMG

Gran Turismo 5 Mercedes SLS AMG

On December 27 the Signature Edition of Gran Turismo 5 was released on the European market, exclusively for Playstation 3. The producers decided to repay the fans of GT5 with a prize to match their enthusiasm. A gorgeous Mercedes SLS AMG! The interestin [...]

Wheelsandmore Brings Mercedes SLS AMG Wheels And More

Wheelsandmore Mercedes SLS AMG - front

Wheelsandmore has a bag full of gifts for the new Mercedes SLS AMG. Even though today is December 9th, the Christmas arrived earlier for the supercar-with-wings, Mercedes SLS AMG. The Germans of Wheelsandmore have arrived in Affalterbach with bag full of [...]

SPIED! Here’s The New Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster

Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster Spy Shots - frontal

The convertible version of the German supercar, Mercedes SLS AMG, is tested by the engineers of Stuttgart at the Polar Circle, right next to its main rival on the supercars market: Audi R8 V10 Spyder. The guys of CarPix have caught on camera, while testing, in the far North of Sweden, one of the coming market […]

Mercedes-Benz SLK 2012 Semi-Official (aka French) Leaks [ VIDEO ]

Mercedes-benz slk 2012 promo leaks (2)

What does it take for a legendary German maker to make a bluff? French promotional films and Internets, it seems. Despite keeping tight secrecy on the 2012 SLK (well, apart from the spy shots that leaked some time ago), Mercedes-Benz somehow allowed the u [...]

Mercedes SLR McLaren Is Alive? McLaren Edition SLR Comes At Essen Show 2010?!

McLaren Edition SLR

The millionaires crying after Mercedes SLR McLaren have reasons to be happy, but they must hurry: soon, a 25-copies limited edition of the famous supercar will hit the showrooms. Rumor has it that, even though the Mercedes SLR McLaren is out of productio [...]

Essen 2010: Brabus iBusiness Brings The Apple Store In A 800 HP Mercedes S-Class

Brabus iBusiness - front view

Famous world wide for their ridiculously powerful creations, the Germans of Brabus have came at Essen Motor Show 2010 with iBusiness, a masterpiece that has something more to offer than a bunch of astronomical figures! The latest Apple products, among t [...]

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