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New BMW X3 Generation: First Official Teasers

Today BMW publish the firs official teasers of the new X3 generation. The images betrays the hood appearance and also the spoiler and the tail lights. After many spy photos that have struggled to disclose as much of the appearance, BMW decided to publish three teasers of the new X3 generation. The images betrays the [&helli [...]

Spy Shots: New Audi A7, The Audi Four-Door Coupe

Even though we won’t see the production version of the standard Audi A7 until this year’s Paris Motor Show, the men and women in Ingolstadt are already prepping a hotted-up version of the swoopy four-door coupe (we still aren’t used to typing that), as seen here in this latest set of spy shots. Rumors have [...]

Spy Shots: 2012 Ford Focus sedan and hatch. Just look at that spoiler!

Spies have spotted the 2012 Focus testing near Ford‘s proving grounds in Dearborn, Michigan. Hooray, cause the brand new Focus has been really heating up opinions since the big debut at the Detroit Auto Show. Good news is that the style has been mai [...]

See awesome BMW Gran Coupe design sketches

To some’s disappointment, there was no production version of the Concept CS from German legends BMW afterall, but it looks like things are going to go a little less disappointingly with the recently unveiled BMW Gran Coupé. BMW had cited a distinct lack of profitability as the main reason the CS project has been canc [...]

Ferrari to add hybrids after Government obliges

For both racing and street-designed models, supercar legend maker Ferrari has been showcasting some hybrid concepts at the latest car shows (and not only) around the globe. Purists might be more than a bit put off by the idea of a supposedly eco-friendly vehicle wearing the famed Prancing Horse badge, and it seems that Ferr [...]

Geely Wants A Rival For Tata Nano! Starting Price: $2,200

Geely unveiled at Beijing the IG concept, which anticipates a future low-cost model, a rival to Tata Nano. It will cost starting with $2200 and will be superior by the Indian model, in terms of quality. Geely unveiled at the Auto Show in Beijing, ended [...]

Spy Shots: The New Lamborghini Murcielago Caught On Track

Production of the fastest Lamborghini so far is gathering speed, and these latest spy shots show the all-new flagship is closer than ever. Power will be drastically increased too, with a new V12 7.0-litre engine expected to produce in excess of 700 HP and [...]

GALLERY: Sexy Girls At 2010 Beijing Auto Show

As you already know, at every big car event the sexy booth girls are not lacking, so we present you some pics of the irreplaceable decor of the concepts and the exhibited cars. This time, the event took place in China, at Beijing. It seems that the 2010 Beijing Auto Show had a lot of nice […]

Study reports BMW is now world’s no. 1 automaker, ahead of Toyota

Automotive News has published a study, according to which German carmaker BMW has as of now replaced Toyota as the world’s most valuable car company and brand. This is despite the slight decline that BMW has suffered last year – not that it [...]

Porsche 918 Spyder already has 900 pre-orders placed!

German supercar but series car Porsche 918 Spyder is already booked in considerable numbers. Despite the harsh times that we’re all living, 900 people have reportedly pre-ordered this astounding hybrid-system supercar, thus we can conclude that the [...]

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