Volvo and UK College researchers may use new material that’s both battery and body ( VIDEO)

The electric car of the future. Beyond the most asked questions about it, let me ask you this: what will it weight? How could we make them light enough, and with durable power for trips of some 7-8 hours? The answer may be closer at hand than we think, as British researchers make a new type of battery material.

The new prototype material developed by researchers in the Imperial College London in the UK, and Volvo is already taking interest in this potential revolution. What’s the fuss about this new type of material? Well it’s suitable for storage, charge and discharge of electrical energy, but also strong, durable and light enough to be used as a bodywork material. That’s right, just make the whole car out of a big battery!

Volvo helping to develop new material for future electric cars

Volvo helping to develop new material for future electric cars

It is being developed for use in cars, where it could bring about a weight reduction of about 15 percent, as well as for other things like cell phones and computers. That 15% weight gain, nota bene, is estimated considering what we can do with all-electric cars today, but in the future these may be more powerful efficient and lightweight, so it can be much more than that.

Above is the video by project coordinator Emile Greenhalgh, from the Department of Aeronautics at Imperial College London.

Once you think about it does sound good. It figures. We make stuff that’s not constantly plugged-in out of metal: cars, phones, (ahem) vibrators, name it. So why design a separated, different battery?

The Volvo Car Corporation is partnering with the Imperial College on this project, so let’s hope good things and fast progress comes out of this partnership.

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