a. d. Tramontana – A Spanish beauty

The small Spanish brand, a. d. Tramontana, comes with a different suggestion for the millionaires who want exotic cars.

After they presented the concept at many car-shows, the Spanish from Tramontana will respond to all the requests form the amateurs who want this exclusive exemplar: the car costs 600.000 euro and it’s produced in only 12 units per year.

d-tramontana-1011.jpg d-tramontana-109.jpg

Being a Formula 1 worthy bolid, we are not surprised that the “recipe” used by the engineers contains quality ingredients. The car’s structure is entirely made of carbon fiber, material which is used in many exterior elements too. The car’s weight reaches 1.250 kg and the weight/power proportion is excellent: 1.7 kg/hp. The performances are stunning, the maximum speed is over 350 kph and the 0-60 mph jump takes only 3.7 seconds.

The 5.5 liter V12 Mercedes Benz engine is “guilty” for the car’s performances. It has two turbocompressors and the power varies from 550 to 720 hp, as the torque reaches a maximum of 920 nm at 4.000 rpm.


The braking system is made of carbon ceramic discs and an ABS system is also present. The 20″ rims, made of carbon and magnesium, are equipped with extra wide tires. a.d. Tramontana is not a compact car, it’s about 4.9 meters long and it has two seats, one behind the other. It even has a 55 liter trunk and a 100 liter fuel tank.

Next to Pagani, a.d. Tramontana is just another example of “weird” Spanish creation.

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