2010 Audi Q7 – From SUV To 16 Seats Limo Plus A Fish Bowl

The limo builders in USA are developing creations that are getting more and more extreme. An example worthy to mention is this 2010 Audi Q7, successfully transformed in a limo as modern as possible. The car we are talking about can transport up to 16 passengers. Once the gullwing doors are opened an you entered the car, lots of neons and LCD TVs, leather seated sofas (and not any kind of leather, they used alligator and snake leather – I wonder what is PETA’s opinion about the car) and even a fish bowl will be next to you in all your journeys/parties in this amazing limo. The theme the designers chose for the interior of the car was disco.

Even so, all that crosses my mind when I look at the interior of the car are some nice girls an lots of champaign. So, what do you think about this limo? I’m waiting for your comments!

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