Download Sony PS3 Firmware Update 3.56 To Kill Jailbreak Holes

Sony PS3 System

Sony has just unveiled the PSP2 aka NGP (Next Generation Portable) and I was pretty impressed with what the company is developing. Well, Sony didn’t forget about its PS3 and if you check your gaming console then you’ll find out that you can download PS3 Update 3.56.

Don’t expect too much from this update because you’re not going to get anything. No, seriously! This is a mandatory update, but you will not receive an extra feature or a bug fix. The Sony PS3 update 3.56 is a security patch which has been confirmed by PS3 hackers that it “fixes” the hole which allowed users to install custom firmware.

So if you want to access the PlayStation Network, you will be required to install PS3 firmware 3.56 update, but after that you will not be able to install homebrew software on your beloved console.

Let me know if you installed the PS3 firmware update 3.56 on your console and if you noticed that your DVDs have stopped working and if your games are constantly crashing, two things which happen quite often after a PS3 upgrade.

Sony PS3 System

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