HP Wants “HP Touchpad” Trademark For Its Third WebOS Tablet

HP Touchpad Trademark

HP will be holding its own media event on February 9th in order to show to the world their latest WebOS products and we’ve already seen two of the products which will be unveiled: the HP Opal and Topaz tablets. Anyway HP says that there’s more to see at that event and we should trust them as the company has filed for the “HP Touchpad” trademark at USPTO.

Although we can’t be 100% sure that the HP Touchpad will make its official appearance at the February 9th event, we’re going to consider this device the 3rd WebOS tablet until further notice. Recently, we’ve learned that HP is also working on Palm WebOS smartphones and HP WebOS netbooks, but I doubt that the HP Touchpad is either one of those.

It seems like HP is working on several WebOS devices and seeing these leaks all the time makes me anxious about the event happening in three weeks time. We’ll be reporting things as they come so stick with us!

HP Touchpad Trademark

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