Windows Phone 7 Connector Hack Brings Microsoft Zune HD Mac Compatibility

Zune HD Support On Mac OS X

One of the reasons why the Microsoft Zune failed was the fact that there was no Mac OS X compatibility, however, judging by the latest events, Microsoft might have changed its policy towards Macs. The Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac OS X is available and if users will make a little change then the Zune HD will be supported on Macs.

The Windows Phone 7 media and user interfaces are based on the Zune interfaces, which is great by the way, and I can’t understand why is so hard for Microsoft to provide proper Mac compatibility. There are more and more Mac users worldwide and their number will increase therefore Microsoft shouldn’t ignore this fact.

It is very easy to make your Mac support the Microsoft Zune HD and you just have to follow the instructions right here. Let me know if it worked and if it’s useful in one way or another.

Zune HD Support On Mac OS X

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