Dexim iPad 2 Case Unveiled At CES 2011

Dexim iPad 2 Case

Dexim is present at CES 2011 and the case-maker had something really interesting to show to the world. No, it wasn’t the next-gen iPad, but it was an iPad 2 case which revealed a bunch of details about the tablet.

The Dexim iPad 2 case features two holes for cameras, one in the front and one in the back, and another hole for that rumored wide-range speaker. Inside the case there was a mockup of the iPad 2 and it was made of aluminum, suggesting that the next-gen Apple tablet will be made of aluminum.

If anybody wanted to stick his… original iPad (what  were you thinking?) into the iPad 2 case, Dexim politely said that the iPad doesn’t fit. And it doesn’t because the mockup was thinner and generally smaller.

Apple was criticized that the iPad is not that portable as it’s too big and too heavy so the Cupertino-based company may have reduced the load on this one. The iPad 2 will probably become what the original iPad should have been, but let’s not jump into conclusions and wait just a little more until Apple reveals the tablet. Or at least until someone loses it in a bar somewhere…

Dexim iPad 2 Case

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