VW Golf R32 by ABT


We are not talking about a series Volkswagen Golf, but a tuned one. ABT gave a plus of performance to the top Golf, the R32. If the ABT logo wouldn’t be on the front grill, we could easily say that that’s a “simple” R32 or even an “ordinary” GTI.

But for the experts this German tuner kit means a lot more! The V6 engine develops a plus of 120 hp, so the maximum power now reaches 370 hp – a lot of power for the Golf, which is considered a family-car. Now the 0-60 mph jump takes only 5 seconds, 1.2 seconds faster than the series Golf R32 and the top speed reaches 270 kph. The exterior doesn’t show something special, only the 19″ rims and the lower suspension are new for this model.

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