Gran Turismo Red Bull X1 Concept: The Future Begins Today

Gran Turismo Red Bull X1 Concept - 02

The dream becomes reality: the X1 prototype design unveiled! Gran Turismo and Red Bull present the Supercar : Red Bull X1 made by Gran Turismo. Sony Computer Entertainment released today the details of the competitions prototype car, Red Bull X1, built using the latest real technology. The X1 prototype is the answer to the dream of “what if”, in a world where the racing cars design is not influenced by the regulations.

Considering the performance of Sebastian Vettel in a trial round on the Suzuka circuit, the pilot experience in Gran Turismo(R) 5 on PlayStation(R) 3 is unbeatable.

With an outstanding design, the Red Bull X1 prototype has undergone to several stages of creation. The starting point was a single-seat model, with low ground clearance, glass roof and covered wheels, powered by a twin turbo direct injection engine. The result is remarkable: 1.483 HP and 15,000 rpm, a maximum speed of 249 mph and a centripetal force of 6G.

The real excitement came with the endurance test. Sebastian Vettel shot down with 20 seconds the registered record on the Suzuka circuit, in the first lap.

Gran Turismo 5 contains over 1,000 recreated competitions, where participating the most powerful cars from NASCAR and WRC. The Red Bull X1 prototype is the most powerful car in the fastest competition that goes from the grid. The general public will have the opportunity to lead the Red Bull X1 prototype in Gran Turismo 5, starting later this year, when the game will be available in stores.

Performance Specifications:

Technical Specifications of “X1 Concept”

  • Length: 187 inches
  • Width: 85.8 inches
  • Height: 38.5 inches
  • Wheelbase: 114 inches
  • Front running surface: 72.8 inches
  • Rear running surface: 70 inches
  • Weight without accessories: 1201 pounds
  • Approximate Weight: 1356 pounds
  • V6 3.0-liter Twin Turbo Engine (direct injection)
  • Power: 1503 HP(15.000 rpm) *1.483cp
  • Maximum Torque: 527 lb-ft(72.9 kgf * m) daelh12.000 rpm.
  • Full active suspension
  • Maximum force 9800N (1000kgf), equivalent to 1.63 G
  • At 60 mph: 1,044 N (106.6 kgf), equivalent to 0.7 G
  • At 124 mph: 4,181N (426.7 kgf), equivalent to 0.69 G
  • At 186 mph: 9,412N (960.5 kgf), equivalent to 1.56 g
  • At 249 mph: 16,732N (1707.4 kgf), equivalent to 2.78 G


  • 0-60mph: 1.4 seconds
  • 0-120mph: 2.8 seconds
  • 0-200mph: 6.1 seconds.

Top speed: 280 mph.

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