Verizon iPhone Release Date Is Early 2011, Says Fortune

Verizon iPhone

The Verizon iPhone is definitely real, says Fortune. The publication says that there is no way the Verizon iPhone is not coming in 2011 as their sources have confirmed it.

At the moment, the CDMA iPhone hasn’t been officially confirmed, however, a lot of established newspapers have announced that Apple is building an iPhone for the Big Red.

In addition, Fortune says that tech companies should find ways to become a Verizon partner because the carrier is growing, has the biggest amount of subscribers and the most reliable network in the US.

I’ve heard this rumor so many times that I’m beginning to become really tired of it. I just can’t take it anymore and I cannot wait for Verizon and Apple to unveil the CDMA iPhone so that we can all kiss goodbye to these “rumors.”

So yeah, the Verizon iPhone release date is early 2011. Are you happy now?

Verizon iPhone

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