Fail: “Pay Attention To Detail” Hyundai Ad With A BMW Engine

Hyundai advertised their services using the engine of a…. hmmmm BMW! It’s known that BMW has one of the greatest engines in the world, but the idea of using an engine that it’s not yours is not so good. Should I understand that the next models will borrow the Bavarian brand’s “hearts?”

Or, the guys from Hyundai are subtly trying to say that the BMW’s engines end in a service and their engines not. Anyway I consider it an epic fail. Oh, by the way the picture was taken in Bucharest, Romania and the ad message sound like this: “Pay attention to detail. Hyundai MOTOR SERVICE.” Yes, Hyundai, that’s what we just did: we payed attention to detail and saw that it’s a BMW engine.

"Pay Attention To Detail"

"Pay Attention To Detail"

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