Nokia CEO: First MeeGo Smartphones Launching In 2011

Nokia N9

As you’ve probably read at our website, today Nokia posted its Q3 2010 earnings and although the results were positive, they weren’t convincing at all and the Finnish-based company desperately needs a change. Stephen Elop also took his time to talk about MeeGo devices and he confirmed that the first MeeGo smartphone will be released in 2011, not 2010.

Nokia needs high-end devices and a new & fresh OS, and personally, I believe that MeeGo is the answer. I like MeeGo, although I hate it that Nokia is not doing enough work to attract developers. There are tools to work with, but it’s Nokia’s fault that devs aren’t rushing to build MeeGo Apps!

Nokia will be hoping that the MeeGo smartphone/s launch will be as successful and will draw as much attention as Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 launch. One of the smartphones that is rumored to run on MeeGo is called Nokia N9 and it’s pictured below. It’s like a Nokia N8 with an unibody aluminum MacBook-like design.

What’s your take on MeeGo? Do you like it? Would you switch to MeeGo considering the plethora of options including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, WebOS, and the newly-released Windows Phone 7?

Nokia N9

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