New Audi R8 GT Burns In Crash!

New Audi R8 GT Burns In Crash

The impact with the highway median barrier at a high speed led to fire one of the first Audi R8 GT copies delivered to Europe. Now, there are only 332 copies.

The lucky owner of one of the first copies of Audi R8 GT was left without smile on his lips following an impact at high speed on a highway in Germany. One of the 333 Audi R8 GT copies caught fire after it struck with the median barrier that separates the two directions of the highway. Luckily for him, the 33 years driver did not suffer any major injuries.

The sport model of over $280,000 has been totally destroyed and the owner must pay damages of $14,000 because he damaged the barriers. If you can not distinguish an Audi R8 GT totally burned from the picture, we calm you because we did not manage that, the information being provided by a persons who was there.

The only ones who will benefit from this accident are the future owners of the remaining 332 copies of new Audi R8 GT. The models which they have will be more valuable because it will be more rare, although it is a single minus, at least for the moment. The investigators will investigate why the car caught fire following the accident and what was the circumstances of this incident.

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