Red Bull Invested 123 Million Euros In Formula 1 In 2010

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The energy drinks manufacturer, Red Bull, invested over 123 million euros in Formula 1 in the 2009 season.

Red Bull posted on Monday the complete financial results for the 2009 season, which also include the business the Austrian company makes in Formula 1, via two separated companies.

So, the energy drinks manufacturer operates in Formula 1 through the Red Bull Technology company, which builds the cars, and Red Bull Racing, the Formula 1 team.

The data presented by Red Bull Technology reveals that the financing assured by the mother-company raised to 123 million euros, the turnover being of 185 million euros, and the profit is of 4.4 million euros. As well, the costs for the research department raised to 66 million euros.

Red Bull Racing Logo

On the other hand, Red Bull Racing received a financing of 112 million euros from the mother-company, while the profitwas 812,000 euros. Red Bull Technology has a total of 592 employees, of which only 61 work officially for Red Bull Racing.

The total invests made by Red Bull company in Formula 1 are significantly higher than in 2008. Partially, this is explained by the fact that the team had a lot better results in 2009, among them six wins, and the drivers and the employees get bonuses depending on performance. Practically, the wages budget for 2009 was of 47 million euros, 8 million bigger than for the previous result.

As well, the figures for Red Bull Technology reveals the fact the second F1 team owned by Red Bull, Scuderia Toro Rosso, payed bills of 12 million euros, about 50% less than the previous year, as they build their F1 car for 2010 by themselves.

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