The Paris Motor Show 2010 Girls: Charm and Smiles In the City Of Love [66+ PHOTOS !]

Paris Motor Show 2010 girls ladies women love (61)

This is the first time after a major auto event that we have trouble in setting up a nice neat photo gallery of booth girls for you good people out there. Too bad this hexing first had to be after the Paris Motor Show, my personal favourite European car show in the past years. Among the throngs of bad-angled, blurry pictures most of them are with middle-aged (and we’re not talking any Brad Pitts here) men, car brand spokesmen or execs (despite the bank account, not Pitts either) or just the run-of-the-mill journalist/photographer.

Paris Motor Show 2010 girls ladies women love (61)

Paris Motor Show 2010 girls ladies, inviting you in...

Still, do not panic. Like always we deliver, and the Paris Auto Show 2010’s edition has much to offer indeed. The city of love saw last week a few interesting unveilings (no, we only mean that big cloth off the car), like the Chevrolet Aveo, the Bmw x3, the Citroen C4 and the much-rumoured Ford Focus ST Concept – to name only a precious few from the 30 + list. Needless to say, the French makers at Paris 2010 displayed the most beautiful girls, with smiley to melt ice and elegance – just like the parishioner way goes. Tres chich and very natural, enjoy!

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