BMW 6 Series’s Successor To Be Named 5-Series Coupe

BMW 6 Series

BMW could make a significant renaming in its range with the launch of a succesor for six series.  Model would be a coupe derivate and convertible of the current 5 Series.

Although it has already become an iconic design for BMW, the 6 Series could change his first name with the launch of the new generation. Unofficial sources speak of a repositioning and rename as derivate of 5 Series.  Expected to be named 5 Series coupe and convertible, the model will probably adopt the stylistic characteristics of the segment E sedan .

Even so, the name 6 Series wouldn’t be dropped , the name will serve to identify the four-door serial version of  the concept Gran Coupe  , Shooting Brake three-door variant, seen as a competitor for Gran Turismo segment.

Decision of  renamed the 6 series, comes from the desire to align the supply of current 5 Series to the smaller brothers  1 Series and 3 Series, which also enjoys coupe and convertible version. Another reason for which BMW hopes the new derivatives is the intention to compete with the Mercedes E-Class coupe and convertible.

Moreover, the Bavarians will sell the two new models, using the success that currently enjoy  the 5 Series, the coupe and convertible styling will be seriously inspired   by the F10 sedan.  In convertible model case, the difference will be made by the fabric material of the roof.  The two variants of the 5 Series will debut on the European market just over two years, in 2012.

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