Volkswagen funds a new lab at Standford University

Famous universities usually cooperate on multiple levels with major companies worldwide, especially with those that care about innovative technologies and science evolution as a whole. Definitely a positive news is the creation of the Volkswagen Automotive Innovation Lab (VAIL), which  was inaugurated this weekend at Stanford University.

Formally named The Leland Stanford Junior University, the private research university is located in Stanford, California, United States. The university was founded in 1885. The University is also know for breakthroughs in engineering sciences.

Volkswagen and Stanford have worked together before as Volkswagen already has a technology research facility in Palo Alto Califonia.  VAIL will be part of the Stanford campus School of Engineering. Already has a post in the subject of collaboration between Volkswagen and Standford University. A press press release issued on October 23r confirmed this really cool beginning of coworking at Standford:

VAIL will focus even more intensively on innovative technologies to improve mobility, vehicle safety and environmental protection

VAIL will be more than a lab, it will include a workshop area for building auto prototypes, and even a race track to test the prototypes. Volkswagen is helping Stanford to fund VAIL with a commitment to contribute $2 million to construction, as well as an additional $750,000 a year for the next 5 years.

Teams from the fields of mechanical engineering, electronics and information technology will work together to pave the way towards new technologies.  It is believed that this lab, with its state of the art facilities should attract top-notch, young international scientists and provide them with opportunities for independent research.

We consider this a great move in not-so great times on behalf of the German maker. It’s money put to good use, that might help make not only great cars but completely different ones. The main purpose is meant to be the further development of Eco engines and technologies valuable to the Environment Friendly car industry. Hail for Volkswagen!

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