GALLERY: Ford Mondeo Facelift Coming At Paris Motor Show

Ford Mondeo Receive A Disceet Facelift For 2010 Autumn

Although the concept of “kinetic design” made the Mondeo a very successful car, which was not necessarily need a facelift, mid-range sedan Ford has undergone to  a small facelift process.

Ford Mondeo facelift Premiere’s has already taken place at 2010 Moscow Motor Show,  top of “oval blue” Sedan will be present on the place of honor even at  the Ford stand at the Paris Motor Show 2010 . It’s just that not talking about a comprehensive facelift but only a welcome upgrade.

Ford Mondeo  Receive A Disceet Facelift For 2010 Autumn

Ford Mondeo Receive A Disceet Facelift For 2010 Autumn

The front has not lost at all his identity, blending modern and successful sobriety is now more refined,  Mondeo facelift showing like a Americanized idea because narrower scale, showing oval logo.  Moreover, the ventilation slot bumper is larger and has a hexagonal design in the style of C-Max ‘s or S-Max facelift, which contributes to increased aggression.

If headlight shape remains unchanged, to the fog lights were made changes, introducing the position of LED lights in an inspired way. Back in return, we would be tempted to think that has remained unchanged – however, as inner taillights were slightly changed and lights and they have LED technology.

Although apparently not a significant change in terms of design, the hood has been redesigned to meet the most stringent rules of pedestrian safety. Rear spoiler was also redesigned in the bottom, top engine version and equipment have the standard right to a small diffuser, which enhances the sense of sportsmanship.

Neither Ford Mondeo’s interior facelift is not radically changed, but is visible higher quality materials and premium ambience closer to the field.  Were been redrawn the doors faces, center console is redesigned, integrating new media MyFord system, which will be available  to  Focus 3, and now the ambient light is provided by LEDs.

The technical, Ford Mondeo Facelift is furnished with some of the most sophisticated new electronic safety systems and driver assistance: Lane Departure Warning, High Beam Racing, Driver Alert and Blind Spot.  Optional active suspension is now IVDC, electronically controlled with three operating modes: normal, comfort and sport.

To comply with environmental trends,  Mondeo  facelift gets Ford ECOnetic technology , assuming that energy recovery system at  braking, Eco Mode display or active system blades on the front grille .

Under the hood, the most important thing is 2.0 TDCi Duratorq engine, upgraded to Euro 5 compliant and is offered in three versions Power: 115 HP, 140 HP and 163 HP.  Announced average consumption is 5.3 litres/60 miles, while CO2 emissions have a value of 139 g / mile.

In addition it is available a 2.2 TDCi, 200 HP and 450 Nm of torque, thanks to overboost system. Now there is the possibility to choose automatic gearbox with double clutch Powershift – an option unavailable on the diesel engine 115 HP.

There are three petrol engines: a 1.6-liter Duratec 120 HP, a 2.0 liter 145 HP (which will be offered and the biofuel E85 powered version, but LPG) and a 2.0 liter turbo Ecoboost engine,  in two versions, the 203 and 240 HP.  The estimated average consumption of just 7.7 litres/60 miles.

The strongest version have an automatic gearbox from  Powershift  as standard, but also  Symposer Sound system, from the Focus RS , which provides four-cylinder engine with a more sporty sound.

 In coming months, the Ford Mondeo  facelift will get a 1.6 Ecoboost gasoline, and diesel engine core, a 1.6 Duratorq TDCi. For prices, you should expect the Paris Motor Show 2010 .

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