BMW: 20 New Models In The Next Three Years

BMW Gran Coupe Concept

The next three years will be very busy for BMW, as the Bavarian automaker will want to launch on the market not less than 20 models until 2014.

BMW Blog announces today that the German automaker will launch until 2014 not less than 20 new models, including different types of bodies of the current line-up. Although the brand tries to keep details about the models secret, new informations were not late to hit the web.

So, rumor has it that at the end of the year and at the beginning of the coming one will be marked by the launching of the new generation BMW X4 and BMW 6 Series (coupe and cabrio), being completed by the launching of the 5 Series estate. In the spring of 2011, we will assist the launching of the highly-expected BMW 1 Series 2011, then BMW will launch the five-door, three door, coupe and convertible version of the car.

BMW Gran Coupe Concept

The fall of 2011 will bring us the best M model eve built by BMW. We are talking about the new M5 F10. Six months after this moment, the new generation 3 Series will debut on the market.

Some new apparitions in the list quoted by BMW Blog include a production model based on Gran Coupe Concept (photo) which will fight Mercedes CLS and Audi A7 (the beginning of 2012), but also the new M6 generation, that will debut at mid 2012.

The so-discussed MegaCity project of those of BMW will give birth to the first electric city model in 2013, and the same year will introduce us new versions of the BMW 3 Series, among them a GT one.

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