Here’s The New Brabus Mercedes SV12 R iBusiness – When Luxury Is A Must-Have

Mercedes SV12 R iBusiness - Front Bumper

If the airplane flights are not exactly on your liking, it could that the Germans from BRABUS to have a solution for you. Well, the tuner from Bottrop not opened yet a airline company, but new SV12 R iBusiness seems as comfortable like a Bombardier.

Based on already-luxurious Mercedes S600, BRABUS SV12 R iBusiness is capable of reaching speeds of 211 mph, while its passengers enjoy by comfortable seats with massage and the latest multimedia solutions signed by Americans from Apple. For example, some presented gadgets includes two iPad’s with Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, a minicomputer Mac and, last but not least, an iPod touch with a storage capacity of 64 GB.

Also, the wireless connection not represent any problem, and the usual LCD’s are not missing from headrests. That’s leaving aside the typical luxury, given by the ultra-smooth of skin in two colors, the exclusive wood that reminds by the eccentric yacht, the electric curtain and the side skirts electrically illuminated by the German tuner logo.

Moreover, for a style trip, BRABUS SV12 R iBusiness has been fitted with new wheels with stylish design and new aerodynamic kit. And if you ever you will rush to get to your destination, a V12 6.3-liter twin-turbo engine and 730 HP is always ready to lift the German sedan to 211 (electronically limited top speed). And, if matter, the acceleration from 0-60 mph is achieved in just 4 seconds, while the barrier of 124 mph is reached after only 11.9 seconds.

The price of new BRABUS SV12 R iBusiness? Over $500,000. Even so, it is one of the cheapest private “planes” which you can buy …

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