Ferrari’s Curse – Ten Ferrari 458 Italia Units Destroyed Lately

Black 458 Italy Burning

Altought not well tested and released Ferrari 458 Italia with his new  570  HP it makes wawes .  Unfortunately, negatively talking.  More specifically, 10 of these cars have seen the end in serious injury or simply took fire.  It looks like it’s not an error but simply manufacturing who takes a 458 Italia is prone to accidents.  Or so say the people at Ferrari.

Latest car brand Ferrari were hit like a curse. 10 of them ended up seriously damaged or burned on the roadside.  In the last three months, six Ferrari 458 were involved in accidents: three had caught fire and one was destroyed in a warehouse fire.

It seems that there were no technical problems at the $ 252,000  supercar.  Owners simply are hit by bad luck.

Black 458 Italy Burning

Black 458 Italia Burning

The curse has been reported on site, which notes all the accidents in which they are involved supercars of  hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Here you can find information on Ferrari, Lamborghini , Porsche , all hit, their value amounting to $441 million .

Many times car owners go beyond their limits. For this site accounts show that the Ferrari 458  has a higher count in accidents chapter.

A spokesman of the Ferrari has denied the fact that the fault it belongs to 458 model , followed them to investigate.

Ferrari 458 was “designed” by people at Pininfarina, has a 4.5 liter engine capable to reach 60 mph  in 3.4 seconds.  Speed can exceed 186 mph quite easily on Ferrari 458 Italy board.

Here is the list of casualties suffered by the Ferrari 458 Italia:

  • May 20, Poland – A red 458 hit by a VW Bora.
  • June 1, Spain – A 458 red was spotted on the truck ramp.  Was seriously damaged.
  • June, Czech – 458  hit on a wet circuit.
  • July 8, Paris – A black 458 caught fire. Passersby helped to stop the fire.
  • July 9, London – A 458  yellow came from Saudi Arabia, has full burned on a warehouse of Heathrow Airport.
  • July 14, Switzerland – 458  red star to burn on the coil of the mountains.
  • August 9, Italy – A day old supercar is seen “stuck” in a tree near Marranello.
  • August 11, England – 458 hits black barrier on the roadside because of wet pavement.
  • August 18th, Calif. – A 458 red start to burn.
  • August 21, Czech Republic – A car with only six hours old is tracted from a ditch.

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