OFFICIAL: Saab 9-4X To Make European Debut in 2010

Saab 9-4X

The Swedish automaker recently confirmed his intentions  to develop the production model of Saab 9-4X. So, the Scandinavians promise us a release date somewhere around the end of this year.

Saab continue their profit comeback plans and officially announce, within their new ad campaign “Move your Mind,” a new model that will come to complete the line-up in the coming years. We are talking about a crossover already anticipated by the international press, named Saab 9-4X.

Saab 9-4X

If the official confirmation is expected to come any moment, the debut date is for sure a surprise for the public and the press. The Swedes promise that the new 9-4X will make his live debut at the end of the year, meaning that 2010 will also mark the production start. The public will be able to buy or drive the new Scandinavian crossover at the beginning of 2011.

The development of 9-4X will be made on Theta’s platform, coming from General Motors, that currently hosts Cadillac SRX, too. The engines range will be the one we already know: two petrol units of 2.0-liter and 2.8-liter, accompanied by a V6 diesel engine of 3.0-liters, provided by the Italians at VM Motori, well known for their experience in the field.

The engines will have an all-wheel drive system signed by Haldex, that will be available only with the automatic transmission with six gears.

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