Abarth To Launch 240 HP And 2,000 Lbs Coupe


Besides the sporty versions of the Fiat models, it seems that Abarth will build their own coupe that promises top performances.

After Fiat Group revived Abarth two years ago and produces performance versions of their models under the logo of this brand, it looks like things are going in the right direction for the Italians. According to some information published by the Brits from Autocar, who quote the Sales and Marketing Director of the Italian brand, Abarth will build their own sporty model that will have nothing in common with the Fiat line-up.


“The brand is doing so well we will definitely bring our own standalone Abarth coupe model to market within the next two years,” said Antonio Labate, the Abarth official, interviewed by Autocar.

Although it was first rumored that the new sportscar will borrow the platform and a big part of the Lotus Elise’s design, Labate rejected this information. He didn’t offer any details about the technical specs of the future italian model, but Autocar claims that the new Abarth model will have a mid-engine of 240 HP and a weight of around 2,000 lbs.

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