Most Expensive Car Ever Sold At $30 Million! See PHOTOS and VIDEO.

Bugatti 57SC Atlantic, the most expensive car in the world

Wow, a $30 million vintage luxury car. And you thought the most expensive car is a brand-new one with full specs and state of the art tech on it. Wrong.  The most expensive car sale in the world jut happened last week at an auction in Califronia, USA. We’re talking about a Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic from 1936. The car is a true rarity, we are excited about having photos and a video to offer!

Bugatti 57SC Atlantic, the most expensive car in the world

Bugatti 57SC Atlantic, the most expensive car in the world

Only three of these Bugatti cars were built, and apart from this one sold at $30,000,000 (looks nice with all the zeros, doesn’t it?), one is owned by fashion designer Ralph Lauren. We wonder were the third one is…

This is a record for car auctions, and for car prices altogether.

“One of the world’s most significant and valuable automobiles that has been in a private collection and rarely seen during the past four decades”, said David Gooding, head of the auction house, on the vintage Bugatti.

Highly praised for its art-deco elegance, the Bugatti 1936 Type 57SC Atlantic was a step forward in it’s days. The car is widely considered the most beautiful pre-war car in all auto history, and is said to be the favourite design of Jean Bugatti himself. Only an Atlantic could spawn such a whooping price, as a term of comparison: A rediscovered Type 57 sold for 3.4 million euros at auction on 7 February 2009 at a motor show in Paris.

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The buyer that paid enough to buy 60 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMGs (recently vored Most Attractive Car in Europe, click to read) , which took place last week, was anonymous. Several US reports named the Mullin Automotive Museum, a California collection created by a wealthy executive remuneration expert, Peter Mullin. The museum issued a statement denying that it had bought the vehicle, although it said it had been in discussions with the new owner about displaying the Bugatti to the public.

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