2010 Volkswagen Amarok, Official Information – The True VW Pickup Truck

Volkswagen Amarok debuts in a segment that seems to have been forgotten by those in Wolfsburg. Amarok is the first VW true pickup truck.

VW Amarok represents the German automaker’s debut in a pretty important segment. Until now, the only “trace” of a VW pickup was Caddy, but with a low fame.

Amarok wants to set new standards in the pickup trucks segment, relining on the efficiency of the  TDI engines, providing a highly active and passive safety and will debut on the European market in 2010. For now it was launched in the double cab version, and, after the European launch, the single cab body will appear too.

The model is framed by VW in the utility vehicles segment and is produced in Argentina by the “Pacheco” plant in Buenos Aires. In terms of design we can’t say that VW invented the pick-up, Amarok perfectly fitting into the landscape of the class it belongs.

Volkswagen boasts that Amarok will set new standards for fuel efficiency in the pickup segment. Even in the four-wheel drive version, the 163 HP engine will provide an average mileage of 30.1 mpg, while the 122 HP motorization will settle with an 30.9 mpg average. So, the 21 gallons tank promises a autonomy of over 600 miles (at least on paper).

A robust model

Amarok can be purchased in three versions: with rear-wheel drive, 4×4 non-permanent drive and full-time all-wheel drive.The AWD versions will be “ennobled” with the 4MOTION logo, and for the 4×4 non-permanent drive the 4 digit will be colored in red while for the top version the digit will be black.

For the Amarok version with permanent four-wheel drive the power is transmitted to the front/rear in a 40:60 ratio. Optional a locking differential can be ordered a  for all versions.

As a pick-up, dimensions and load capacity are essential. VW Amarok is doing pretty well. The car can be loaded with 1.15 tonnes and can tow up to 2.8 tonnes. Another important detail is that the VW pickup comes with a body-on-frame solution.

After the first look, Volkswagen Amarok is an extremely capable pickup truck, now all we have to see is the price list.

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