Mercedes SLS Will Have A Little Hybrid Brother

Mercedes plans to bring on market a younger brother of the SLS AMG supercar, capable to adopting a hybrid system, compound by the V6 engine with 305 HP and two electric units.

Mercedes is preparing to bring on market in coming next years, a younger brother of the current SLS AMG supercar, capable to compete with Porsche products. The youngest will adopt a different philosophy from that Mercedes, which it us now, trying to address those who want a hybrid sports model.

The future product from Stuttgart will take a complete different propulsion solution from what we have seen yet, the conventional engine will be assisted by an electric one. The hybrid system configuration will include most likely, the new V6 3.5-liter engine, unveiled last days by the guys from Mercedes, assisted by the two electric units.

The gasoline propeller would deliver a total power of 305 HP and 273 lb-ft of torque, the technology package will include a start/stop system and a direct injection.

To offset the weight of a lithium-ion set batteries, the small SLS AMG will be developed on an aluminum structure, the same material that will be built also the roof.

In case of the develop process goes like the plan, we could get acquainted with a new sports model as early as 2012, the market launch will be made a year later and the starting price will be between $114,000 and $127,000.

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