GALLERY: Sexy Girls At 2010 Beijing Auto Show

As you already know, at every big car event the sexy booth girls are not lacking, so we present you some pics of the irreplaceable decor of the concepts and the exhibited cars.

This time, the event took place in China, at Beijing.

It seems that the 2010 Beijing Auto Show had a lot of nice Asian girls to stand by the cars of the automakers worldwide.

Wearing elegant dresses and catchy smiles, the beautiful Chinese girls manage to give more brilliance at the Beijing Motor Show in 2010 and were able to rival the cars that should have been the show’s main attraction

There are not many words to say, because taking a look at the photos should tell us what it is to be told.

Oh… I almost forgot, here’s a brief description of the girls: they have generous “double air-bags”, a beautiful rear bumper, nice and long suspensions and also a small air intake¬†hidden somewhere between those suspensions…

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